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Picquette since 1964AFTER-SALES SERVICE

On call at 04 90 70 01 99

The after-sales service has always been the essence of our company, that’s why for so many years we have been developing the services we offer in order to guarantee durable installations.

An installation is usually synonymous with comfort or work tools, as a partner we guarantee you peace of mind in the long term with long-lasting and economical interventions.

Average time (critical interventions) less than 24h
Average delays (routine interventions) 24 to 48 hours

We select reliable and reactive suppliers in order not to be confronted with stock shortages or uncertain delays likely to slow down your activity. Moreover, we make sure that these suppliers are French or European to the maximum in order to guarantee certified quality products.

You encounter problems with your installation? Your device or want a maintenance contract ?

Just contact our after-sales service !